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Anonymous asked: Blow job tips?



Having never given a blowjob, and only knowing what I like, without specifically knowing exactly what it is she’s doing down there, I can’t give the best advice. 

But I can tell you a lot of things that are good:

  1. Show him that you are enjoying yourself. Eye contact, smiling, teling him how wet it makes you or how good he tastes - this is all a big deal.
  2. Start slow, just use your tongue, tease him until he’s moaning and really wants you to suck his cock
  3. Experiment. See what he reacts best to, what he seems to enjoy the most.
  4. Find a decent rhythm and stick with it. I can’t speak for all guys but for me personally, it’s very difficult for me to cum from getting head. It takes ages but it’s always the most intense, mind blowing orgasm so it’s worth it if that’s what you’re going for. But yeah, the key is, find something he seems to reaaaally enjoy you doing and then keep doing that exact thing in that exact way until he’s about to cum (for example, for me this would be when a girl sucks andt wirls her tongue over the head of my cock whilst stroking the whole length with one hand and massaging my balls with the other - your fella’s might be different).
  5. When he’s getting REALLY close, slow right the fuck down and drag it out. From personal experience, he will cum really fucking hard and probably fall in love with you a little bit.
  6. This part is super important and loads of girls forget it: KEEP GOING after he cums, just slower and more gently until he’s not hard anymore. It’s so fucking good and too many girls stop right after you cum and that shit just aint as good. 
  7. Finally, swallowing is hot and all, but here’s a little secret: us guys, we really don’t give that much of a fuck whether you swallow or not. If you’ve just given me a ridiculously intense orgasm, then I really, truly do not care what you do with the result of it. 



If you kiss my neck… You’re not leaving this room unfucked.

Seriously. You don’t stand a chance.


Neck kisses just make my knees go weak, I’m pretty much yours at that point.

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